About Alumni

The Alumni Association "Bandhan" with registration number F-35620(N) contributes significantly to the development of the institute through various activities.Colleges which involve their alumni in scientific research and further education as well as in cultural and social activities, have the possibility to benefit from the experience in order to gain new impulses to improve research, teaching and college culture.

The alumni community's gatherings serve as an occasion to exchange the real-world encounters they encountered after departing from the institution. This meeting also establishes a platform for recognizing the most exceptional alumni. The core aim is to nurture and amplify the bond among alumni and between them and the institution. Through the Alumni Association "Bandhan," we meticulously monitor our alumni's progress and apprise them of the institute's recent milestones.

Vision :

To serve as a platform to connect institute, alumni, and students to have a better interaction,contribution& collabration with each other for academic excellence.

Mission & Object of Alumni :

  • To connect the existing alumnus with the institute and bridge the gap of communication between alumnus and students.
  • To promote exchange of academic and corporate experience with the students of the institute.
  • To promote a goodwill and sense of pride to both alumni and students.
  • To help and support alumnus develop and spread a philanthropic and entrepreneurial mindset among students.
  • To advice and conduct activities that shall motivate and upgrade student skill sets.
  • To work together to suggest new technologies and improvements that shall benchmark industrial expectations.
  • To encourage Alumni to participate in the various educational,cultural and social activities and to develop synergistic plans to support the institute and acieve its vision.
  • To associate  in planning and execution of alumni events.

Scope :

The Priyadarshini Bhagwati College of Engineering will be functioning as a nodal agency for maintaining liaison with Alumni all over the world and to involve them with the development of the Institute. Since the Institute has grown manifold in all aspects its an urgent requirement for alumni association to widen their arms for the growth and the development of the Institution.

A Cell dedicated to Alumni Affairs will also be established with a designated Faculty coordinator, who will be supported by other faculty members nominated by the Honorable Principal of the college from each department . The cell will set the overall direction and framework in relation to all Alumni activities. The Campus Cells will work to this direction and framework and continue to organize events such as Alumni meets,Alumni interaction,Conversation with alumni and also meetings to plan various activities.

Major Responsibilities of the PBCOE :

  • Generate the list of the Entire alumni of respective department right from the foundation batch.
  • Plan, implement and promote alumni programs that support the PJLCP strategic Plan
  • Ensure accurate and complete alumni database records including their contact, biographical and career information
  • Establish and build relationships with a wide range of alumni 
  • Serve as the single point of contact for alumni & Institute for all matters related to alumni affairs, and maintain regular communication with alumni
  • Collaborate closely with Industries and enable increased support from alumni  and provide platforms and programs for such support

Functions :

Alumni Cell, seek to reach out, maintain and strengthen close ties with our Alumni. The Cell aims to organize ways in which present students can freely exchange ideas and experiences with across the passed out students throughout the globe- to learn how this college helped to mould their minds, how it shaped their futures, their life on campus and much more.

Among our accomplished alumni, a considerable number have forged their paths as thriving entrepreneurs. They actively orchestrate initiatives aimed at procuring internships and placements for our current students.

At regular intervals, our alumni deliver technical sessions that furnish insights into the contemporary developments and practices within their respective industries.

The alumni cell is an endeavor to strengthen bonds between PBCOE and keep the PBCOEP spirit alive, vibrant and inclusive.