About Central Library

The Library is a vital asset to our college, contributing significantly to our intellectual strength. With a spacious floor area spanning 1,214 square meters and accommodating 150 reader seats, our library provides an ideal environment for academic pursuits. Our collection boasts an impressive range of resources, including over 20,105 books covering various disciplines, 10,000 Springer E-books, 2,627 social welfare books, 54 national journals, 588 bound volumes, 745 project reports, previous exam papers, and more than 725 multimedia packages, such as CDs and DVDs. To stay updated with the latest research and publications, our library subscribes to five publications and six newspapers. In addition, the digital library services unit is equipped with 15 PCs that offer high-speed Internet connections. Among the electronic resources at our disposal, we have access to the IEEE Journal Online, the Licence e-Aarjav Academic Plagiarism software, the Springer E-books, the Delnet e-journals, and the NDL National Digital Library. Keeping pace with technological advancements, our library is further enhanced by the implementation of KOHA online library software, which automates various functions and streamlines our operations. This ensures efficient management of our vast collection and facilitates easy access for library users.

Library Information

The following Sections are in the Central Library;

Library Area -
--> Total area of Library - 1214.14 Sq. Mt.
--> Stack Room Area - 412.63 Sq. Mt.
--> Reading Room - 801.51 Sq. Mt.
Reading Room Seating Capacity - 150

Library Staff

1. Rajesh Daulatkar M.A, M.Lib, M.Phil 22 Years Librarian
2. Nita Mahajan M. Lib. 7  Years Library Clerk
3. Lata A Jagnade B Lib 4 Years Library Clerk
4. Ashok Yadav 7th Std 18 Years Lib  Attendant

Campus Central Library Photos

Front View Library
Library Book Shelf
Library Journal & Magazine
Library Multimedia Section
Library News Section

Library Reading Section

Library Reading Section

Library Reading Section

Library Book Bar Code Scanner

Library Staff using Bar Code Scanner to issue the library books